Forester WIP P9

The process of creation =)

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Forester WIP P9

Hello everyone! This is a WIP P9 and the progress which I have today. In this video I continue to create an environment for my project and decided to try to do this in Redshift. Because I wanted to test 2 servers on our farm Forender =) One 3 *980TI and one with 1080.

Of course, I can optimize the scene by the method which I have shown in my Redshift tutorial and would have faster results, but I didn't spend time for this and I think 2 hours on 3 * 980TI for rendering scenes with 13 millions of polygons, no proxy objects and the scene contains many objects with opacity and Forestpack objects, and 4k resolution with high settings, then this is a great result.

I didn't use proxy because Forestpack doesn't work with them in Redshift = ((But =) I found a solution which I'll show in the next wip =)

But in the meantime I suggest to watch this video and find for yourself something new.

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