Polaris Sector. Pirates race modeling reel 2015

Modeling reel 2015●Andrew Krivulya●Polaris Sector●Pirates race●Space ships

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Andrew krivulya 3
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Andrew Krivulya modeling reel 2015 for Polaris Sector●Pirates race●Zbrush●3dcoat●Marmoset toolbag 2●Space ships●Sci-fi

Hello world! Just recently finished work on a remake of Galaxia: Remember Tomorrow. And for 6 months of work on this project-has gathered many interesting ships that I modeled, textured and rendered for this game.

In this video I show a line of ships of the Pirates race.

All ships modeled in Zbrush. Texturing in 3d Coat and rendering in Marmoset Toolbag 2

You can read more information about game on our forum - http://softwarware.com/forum/

In next video I will show you line of Ancient race

Happy viewing!

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