Hair grooming and shading for Heinz ‘Geoff’ - Assembly LTD. (2018) - Ornatrix

Geoff The Film


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I want to show you the amazing project in which I made hair grooming and shading.

I did previz on the

I'm glad to been a part of the amazing Assembly LTD. team.

Characters from Guzz Soares

Some description...

Nobody knew where young Geoffrey’s obsession came from. All anyone knew, was that the boy loved Beanz. In fact, they were his entire life. But as is often the way, one moment, or one woman, changed everything. And that is where this story starts. Watch the film to see how Geoff came to invent a Heinz Beanz can size, perfect for every Aussie. Campaign created by Y&R NZ and Assembly Ltd, with music by Franklin Road, for Kraft Heinz Australia.

September 5, 2017