Polaris Sector. Sharatars. Modeling reel 2015

Modeling reel 2015●Andrew Krivulya●Galaxia:Remember Tomorrow●Sharatars race●Space ships

Hello world! Just recently finished work on Polaris Sector game. And for 6 months of work on this project-has gathered many interesting ships that I modeled, textured and rendered for this game.

In this video I show a line of ships of the Sharatars race.

Cat People. Creatures with four fingers and cat-human habits and appearance, not counting the soft short fur, all kinds of color all over the body and atrophied tail - they are no different from a man. Incredibly cunning and insidious, absolutely unpredictable and aggressive. When did not believe them and the Sharatars diplomat. Sharatars have one of the most formidable Starfleet.

All ships modeled in Zbrush. Texturing in 3d Coat and rendering in Marmoset Toolbag 2

You can read more information about game on our forum - http://softwarware.com/forum/

You can turn turntables here - http://render.ru/blog/artofcharly/3560

In next video I will show you line of Eriances race

Happy viewing!

November 5, 2015