PBR Curly realtime hair VR / AR / low-poly 3d model


Marmoset viewer here -> https://www.artstation.com/artwork/bnWKG

Mini-guide ->

Full PBR Specular workflow realtime curly hair with base head.

You can merge this hair to your another character.

In archive you will find this folders:

  • 3dsmax_2016_scenes
  • scene_for_backing.max - which I use to bake hair with Ornatrix and Vray + Vray hair shader. In this scene you can edit any hair part for backing and in result - will get another hairstyle and etc.
  • scene_with_ornatrix_hair_planes.max - which I use to create hair planes with Ornatrix. In this scene you can groom hair planes, edit any modifier and in result - will get another hair model

With this two scenes you can create your own hairstyle for realtime rendering in marmoset. Please watch video to understand what I mean.

  • marmoset_scene which include:
  • girl_Scene.tbscene - Marmoset Toolbag 3.02 scene with all light and Pbr materials
  • materials (hair_mtl.tbmat, head.tbmat )
  • textures (4k textures in tga format)
  • meshes (fullhead.FBX)
  • renders
  • info.txt
  • My Ornatrix script for fast backing with VrayOrnatrixMod and MeshFromStrands Tangent normals for direct map.


  • Hair - 26 456 Tris
  • Brows - 1 304 Tris
  • Eyelashes - 1 086 Tris
  • Full hair model - 28,846 tris
  • Head model ( not optimized for games, only base ref) - 32,596 tris

All hair textures have 4K resolution in tga. ( albedo, normal, directional )

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