Girl long curly hair for production render (with all modifiers)


Girl curly hair in Corona renderer for 3dsmax. I'll prepare other renders very soon.

With this project you can create any different hairstyle if you have installed Ornatrix plugin. You can groom, cut, style this hair.

You can transfer this hair to your character. If you want - I can help with this.

Watch my tutorials to understand how to work with Ornatrix.

Note - before open the scene, please install the latest Ornatrix Version

I used - with this model.

In the scene you can find the all materials + bonus (all hair materials, which I've used in this scene -> )

When you will buy this project - you'll get


This is hair mesh for your sculpts in zbrush or 3D-Coat.

  • model_with_hair_mesh.FBX
  • model_with_hair_mesh.obj

b) Zbrush+3D-Coat scene with hair mesh

  • model_with_hair_mesh.3b
  • model_with_hair_mesh.ZTL


  • spline_scene_corona_renderer_2018.max - simple scene without Ornatrix plugin and only hair splines.
  • ornatrix_scene_corona_renderer_2018.max - Corona renderer scene with full studio like as in preview.

I saved the all modifiers and you can groom this hair and watch how I created it =)

If you want to edit a hair - please uncheck Remember roots. I click on this button because it is save hair cache and my settings.

Pressing by this button will make the modifier generate and cache the root positions of rendered hairs. This is sometimes necessary to ensure that the generated hair will remain consistent among shots rendered on different computers since random generation algorithms can vary across hardware. As such, it is often a good practice to press this button when rendering hair on a render farm. Un-pressing the button will clear the cache. The cache is stored with the scene and thus will increase your scene file size. The button must be un-pressed and then pressed again if you modify any of the distribution parameters to reflect the changes. The caching process might take a few seconds depending on your render hair count.

So happy rendering!

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