Stylized Rock for UE4 with procedure moss snow and lava cracks VR / AR / low-poly 3D model

Stylized Rock in Unreal Engine 4 with parametric snow, moss and cracks.

Stylized rock asset for UE4

Hello everyone! This is my new asset for UE4

Last time - I played a lot in "Life is Strange" and watched stylized refs, cartoons, etc., etc. I got sick with all of this and wanted to create something of my own. These rocks are just the beginning. In fact - I have a huge project, the concept of which is ready, but I don't want to show it - I want to keep an intrigue.

I sculpted this rocks in 3D-Coat, then make fast retopology and then created handpainted textures in Substance Painter with my new method which I'll show next time in one of my videos =)

Then when model was ready - I imported it in UE4 and created a special shader with witch you can setup object blend with ground, turn on parametric snow or moss and add lava cracks =)

Polycount - 5 613 Tris.

Watch video to more details and enjoy =)

You can buy this model here -

March 23, 2018