Comander WIP 02.05.2024. Custom Metahuman UE5

Work In Progress / 02 May 2024

Transferred the mustache and beard to Unreal Engine 5. Converted project to Unreal Engine 5.4



Comander WIP 19.04.2024. Custom Metahuman UE5

Work In Progress / 23 April 2024

Continuing to work on bringing Commander into Unreal Engine using Metahuman Creator. I've already transferred the hairstyle, but it still needs some refinement.

Video -


Comander WIP 18.04.2024. Custom Metahuman UE5 #shorts

Work In Progress / 19 April 2024

I've started creating a Custom Metahuman for Commander in Unreal Engine 5, and then I'll transfer the hairstyle. I'm recording the whole process.

I can't upload shorts video here, so you can watch it by this LINK


Ornatrix for Unreal Engine 5 | Mastering Realistic Fur Creation and Rendering

Tutorial / 05 February 2024

Dive into the art of crafting stunning, realistic fur in Unreal Engine with Ornatrix in this comprehensive tutorial. Join me as I unveil the full process of fur creation, from the initial steps of modeling to the intricate details of fur shader customization and rendering. This video is ideal for 3D artists, game developers, and graphics enthusiasts eager to explore the nuances of realistic fur simulation without the complexity of dynamics. Learn how to intricately design fur textures and efficiently utilize the powerful shader options in Ornatrix to achieve the most lifelike appearance. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be equipped with the skills to elevate your 3D models with beautifully rendered fur, enhancing the realism and depth of your projects. If you're looking to master fur creation in Ornatrix for Unreal Engine, this is the perfect resource for you. Remember to like, subscribe, and click the notification bell for more insightful content!

Of course, there is no limit to perfection. In this video, I have only shown the basic settings that can lead to a good result. Of course, you can get a result in a day, but to get a really cool result, you need to experiment with the settings. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but eventually you will be able to create fur that looks amazing.


0:00 - Select the plane and apply Furball.

0:04 - Configure GuidesFromMesh.

0:17 - Next, go to the main settings and adjust the thickness of the guides for visual convenience.

0:28 - Delete all guides, as we are following my lesson - - this was discussed in Discord. And in that lesson, I have 25 guides, so it is easier to repeat their placement manually.

0:35 - To do this, go to the Brushes tab and select the Create brush.

0:38 - In the settings of this brush, scroll down to the bottom and set Root Position = Center. This will allow us to create one guide per click.

0:46 - Create 25 guides in this way.

0:59 - Next, exit, disable the Create Brush, and go to HairFromGuides.

1:05 - Enable 100% hair display in the viewport using the Preview Strand Fraction option and set the number of hairs to 100K. Be careful with this, as it requires sufficient video card power.

1:19 - Apply Surface Comb.

1:24 - Go to Tool and select Sinks to configure the direction of the hair.

1:28 - Here, I temporarily reduced the number of hairs to 10K as it was slowing down the interaction with this tool.

1:45 - Now, you need to adjust the curvature of the hair.

2:01 - Adding Clump by guides.

2:37 - Next, we add SubClump. Here I show slightly different settings, which are more modern.

3:26 - Adding another SubClump.

3:50 - Let's adjust all the Clump again, here you always need to experiment to get an acceptable result. I recommend referring to references.

5:19 - Adding the first Frizz. I usually use it to diversify the shape of the first Clump.

6:06 - Next, add Frizz for the tips. If you look at the reference, they are not always flattened and there is a slight chaos.

7:09 - Add a Length modifier on top to diversify the length.

7:39 - Next, you need to add another Length after HairFromGuides, so all the upper Clumps will take this length into account and it will give more realism.

8:05 - Add a general Frizz for the whole shape.

8:55 - Here I add a little bit of chaos to each Clump, that is, when the shape is slightly fluffed up.

9:45 - Add another Frizz for individual flying hairs that stick out of the shape.

10:34 - To make the Frizz work better, you need to add more CVs to our guides using the Detail modifier.

10:49 - Since the number of points has changed, you need to reconfigure each Frizz.

11:50 - Convert Ornatrix to Native Hair and configure the shader (this is my custom shader that Leonhard from Ephere helped with). You can buy it with this model -

14:16 - Use 3D-Coat to create an Albedo and Clump mask.

15:44 - Load Albedo into the shader.

20:03 - Set up the render camera.

20:45 - Configure the render settings.

21:21 - Next, if you don't like something, go back to Ornatrix and adjust each modifier.

22:31 - For example, I also add a Curl modifier to add variety to the guides.

27:21 - And a Noise modifier to add chaos to the hair and make it look even more realistic.

30:06 - Tweak the shader a bit more.

31:23 - And the lighting.

31:25 - Experimenting with different settings.

39:47 - Now we can render. As I said, I showed the basic settings so that you understand what you can experiment with. And there is no limit to perfection.


Enjoy watching! 

Best regards, 

Andrew Krivulya Charly.



WIP 05 - 3D Grooming for "Commander" (Collaboration with Samir Mir)

Work In Progress / 02 February 2024

WIP 05 - 3D Grooming for "Commander" (Collaboration with Samir Mir)

I posted WIP 04 - a year ago... And now, I finally got to WIP 05.  This is not the final version and of course - there is still a lot of work to be done on everything. That's why it's still a WIP and not the final work =) 

Added brows and eyelashes

You can watch making of here - already uploaded 18 videos there

Also, you can check Samir Mir renders:

Happy viewing!


Ornatrix Maya | Making of dreadlocks | Episode 1 - Stream - Oct 8, 2023

Tutorial / 18 October 2023

In this stream, I'm smoothly creating dreadlocks using MeshFromStrands in Ornatrix for Maya. Why don't I use the default workflow? Because it's easier for me to add ornaments and edit the hair under the ornaments later. This is just the first part, there will be more. 


ORNATRIX/MAYA/UE5 | MAKING OF #1-2: Metahuman custom hair | STREAMOID

Tutorial / 03 October 2023

This is the 2 episodes of Making of Hairstyle, which I created for StreamoidTechnologies in Ornatrix Maya and then rendered on Metahuman in Unreal Engine 5.

In this videos:

➡ Show how I colored the ponytail using the 5 groups created in Generate Strand Data and the special brush in Edit Guides.

➡ Show how I created the knot for the tail

➡ Show the hair shader settings in Unreal Engine 5 for each part.

➡ A simple example of how to export the vertex color drawn in Ornatrix to Unreal Engine and how to configure the material to display that color in the engine.

➡ about how I did baby hair and why I removed some of the hair in the back.

➡ Then we will talk about the main part of the hair.

➡ about how I colored this hair with a special brush in Ornatrix.

➡ How the ponytail was created


New account for 3D Grooming only | Please support

News / 18 July 2023

Hello everyone.

New profile:

I've been running this profile since 2014, and it's grown into a large and diverse community. I'm so grateful for all of your support, follows, and likes.

I'm currently focusing on 3D grooming, and I've noticed that not all of my followers are active on my new work. So I've created a separate profile for 3D grooming to see the effectiveness of its vision and to gather only fans of this business.

If you're interested in 3D grooming, please follow me on my new profile and like, comment and share my work. It's very important to me!

Thank you very much,


Ornatrix | Maya: New Dynamic Clump feature in v4

Tutorial / 26 June 2023

Welcome to another exciting episode where we explore and dissect the latest features in the world of 3D modelling and animation. In this video, we delve into the newly released Ornatrix Maya v4 and its outstanding feature - the Dynamic Clump.


WIP 0009 | 3D grooming for Cute Creature

Work In Progress / 17 June 2023


  • improved the mask on the hands, so that the right paw was with the right fingers
  • improved clamps on right paw (not yet finished)
  • improved overall shape of hair on paws (not yet finished)
  • moved eyes closer to the paws to make them look more comical.
  • improved the overall shape of the quiff (not yet finished).
  • improved the overall shape of the base fur on the body and head (not yet finished)
  • improved whiskers