Fantasy World Hendkliff (2010)

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My old project which I've done to diploma in 2010 year.

Once upon a time on Houlou's planet - the planet which to be at distance of three galaxies from the earth, the wind is blown which has brought on the thin planet, one small green seed. After it started to rain the tree which has dismissed the roots on all planet, forming connections and lodges, and also other small trees has also grown. Some sites of the planet haven't sustained a pressure of roots and have broken up because of what the islands soaring in air were formed. Because of a rain, on islands falls, but not on all were formed. Under flaws, islands constantly change the situation. From far away, they are similar to the soaring beings.
Soon small beings who have lodged in the lodges formed by a tree were formed of the molecules soaring in Houlou's air. The main being has lodged in a tree. Beings of called a morloa – the little tadpoles with feelers soaring in