The Forester. Mysterious forest

Fantasy forest creation in the Corona Renderer.

Hello everyone! I continue to create the world for my "The Forester" project.
It was in this forest that the sheepdog creature Shido was born, at that very moment - when the sun lit up this dark and forgotten place, the grass began to germinate and the crystals revived again.
On the images we still see how they are covered in cobwebs and darkness is still present in this forest, but it is the green shoots that tell us that soon it will fully come to life. Shido was born from such a crystal.Perhaps you noticed that the bluish glow is slightly inclined diagonally. The idea is that this glow rotates then clockwise, then counterclockwise and at the time of imbalance - all sorts of creatures are born, which in addition to Shido - you will soon see =)

April 24, 2018