Grooming for Lidia - Princess of love (19 Feb 2020)


First step in standard Xgen. Grooming with Guides.

First step in standard Xgen. Grooming with Guides.

Interactive Xgen after usual Xgen grooming

Interactive Xgen after usual Xgen grooming

Sculpt steps

Sculpt steps

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From the planet Satistar, Lydia reigns as the princess of love and pleasure. Her race, the Lovelis, are known for their green skin, lack of eyebrows and eyelashes, and smooth, poreless skin. Although Lydia resembles a mannequin, she is far from lifeless. In fact, she is a powerful and passionate being who can be both loving and vengeful.

When in love, Lydia's hair folds into hearts and she can hypnotize her lover with her eyes. Even if they try to escape from Satistar, Lydia will find them, for her love knows no bounds.

However, Lydia's love can also turn to rage. When enraged, she transforms into the Princess of Hell, a terrifying creature who unleashes chaos and destruction. It is said that even the most powerful beings fear her wrath.

One day, a young man named Alex crash-landed on Satistar. He was immediately captivated by Lydia's beauty and charm, and the two quickly fell in love. However, Alex's presence on Satistar was not meant to be. His ship was damaged and he had no way of returning home.

Lydia offered to help Alex, but he refused. He didn't want to leave her, and he didn't want to risk her wrath. But Lydia was determined to save her lover. She used her magic to repair his ship and sent him back to his own world.

Alex was heartbroken to leave Lydia, but he knew it was for the best. He promised her that he would never forget her and that he would return one day.

Alex kept his promise. Years later, he returned to Satistar with a new ship and new technology that allowed him to travel between worlds. He and Lydia were reunited, and their love was stronger than ever.

Together they built a new life on Satistar. Alex used his technology to help the people of Lovelis, and Lydia used her magic to bring peace and prosperity to the planet.

Lydia, the Princess of Love and Pleasure, is a complex and fascinating character. She is both loving and vengeful, powerful and beautiful. Her story is a reminder that love is a powerful force, but it is also a force that must be respected.

I used Zbrush for sculpting(from the mannequin), Blender for the rig(to experiments with pose), Maya+Xgen+Arnold6GPU for rendering.

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February 19, 2020