Grooming for Josephine (2018) - Ornatrix

My reference pack

My reference pack

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I noticed an interesting moment =) As soon as I think about something and start to do it - immediately someone else does it immediately =) As if our thinking processes overlap.

During the creation process - 3 hair works with Daenerys hair was uploaded to the Artstation. =)

I want to warn you - I didn't have a goal to repeat the Daenerys hairstyle. I was simply inspired by her hairstyle, as I am a big fan of Emilia Clarke in this role and the “Game of Thrones” series and I decided to show my vision of this hairstyle. Because I don't like the version that was in the 7th season .. Especially the the temporal part. Perhaps the creators of the series will see this version and use it in the season 8 =) ahhaha.

The all hair was created in Ornatrix

I’ve used the Draw Guides Tool to create the brows

And for braids I’ve used Braid Maker from Aka Tools -

The images was rendered on awesome - Vray.Cloud.

Creating a hairstyle took 10 days.

Happy viewing!

November 21, 2018