Hair grooming/Lookdev for B&S Lyn (fanart) (2018) - Ornatrix

Vray Hair Mtl for Hair and Fur

Vray Hair Mtl for Hair and Fur


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Hello everyone!

This is my collaboration with awesome 3d character modeler - Olya Anufrieva. She gave me this model and I created the all grooming work for it =) Concept by awesome BYUN ARI

Olya's model have a good polypaint, so I used VertexColor map in Vray to render it in 3dsmax. Hair guides was created in Ornatrix Maya and then I exported them to 3dsmax to render in Vray Next.

Scroll down to check the silhouette with hair and guides screen.

Tail - 1334 Guides, Hair - 256 guides, Ears fur - 3000 guides, Ears inner fur - 34 guides, Brows - 713 guides, Eyelashes - 112 guides.

Leather material was created in Substance Painter.

Rendered on VrayCloudBeta.

Happy viewing!

August 3, 2018