Hair for games. Man with beard (2016)

Realtime cartoon character for CGTrader review

Hello everyone!
This is a presentation of my new model - Realtime cartoon character for CGTrader which I've created in my spare time.
The task was to make a realtime hyperreal hair (30k-40k tris like as in Final Fantasy 15, Uncharted 4 and etc.) and the rest is only entourage.
I didn't set a goal - to make an awesome retopology of the head. I modeled it to complete the render =) Next time I will create the full character and then will create a good topology for the animation and etc.
I just created a sculpture, did a retopo for the better UV Unwrap and then use decimation master in Zbrush.
For hair - I created hairplanes in Ornatrix with EditGuides workflow, then create HairFromMeshStrips hairs and baked them in 3dsmax.
Head sculpting - Zbrush
Retopology - 3dCoat
Texture Painting ( Specular Workflow) - Substance Painter
Rendering - Marmoset Toolbag 3.02
Presentation - SonyVegas
Model ---

March 3, 2017