Hair for games. Curly hair (2016)

Marmoset Viewer with Simplified materials =)

Early wips and experiments

Early wips and experiments

Ornatrix realtime curly hair for CGTrader

Ornatrix realtime curly-hair mini-guide for the hair model (EN-RU subs)

My Ref Board

My Ref Board

Hello everyone!

Full hair polycount - 28 846 Tris. My goal is - not more than 30K like as in as in modern NextGen Games.

You can buy this model on my artstation store

I used Ornatrix and new tools in it for create hair cards and hair planes. Then baked Ornatrix hair with Vray.

The full tutorial with lowpoly hair creation in Ornatrix with eng subs coming soon.

You can watch my 6 hour livestream here (ru_voice) - >

80lvl post -

Happy viewing and enjoy!

May 11, 2017