My version of Emily. Corona Renderer.

Andrew krivulya my anim bw

Light Animation B&W

Andrew krivulya my anim

Light Animation

Andrew krivulya render 1 post

Left View

Andrew krivulya render 2 post

Right View

Andrew krivulya render 3 post

Front left view

Andrew krivulya render 4 post

Front right view

Andrew krivulya render 2 postbw
Andrew krivulya render 1 postbw
Andrew krivulya render 4 postbw
Andrew krivulya render 3 postbw
Andrew krivulya w1
Andrew krivulya w2
Andrew krivulya w3
Andrew krivulya w4
Andrew krivulya w5

Hi all!
As soon as Corona 1.7 was released - I was interested in a new Shader for the hair and skin. First I created the Forester and you saw that I had with it. But then I wanted to try to do a real person. Sculpting from scratch would take a very long time, because you need to work out every little detail. And impatience to try the new shaders have led to the fact that I downloaded all known Emily from the WikiHuman for my experiments. Since it was set up under Vray, I immediately converted it to Corona. Then created from scratch the Shader of the skin, added a few missing textures and during the experiments got what I wanted. But it wasn't enough for me and in the end I created a full hair and the new lighting, had added the small hairs on the skin, eyebrows and modified eyelashes. So - I got what you can see in this renders.
Rendered on the with 6*Dual Xeon E5 2670 - 192 Threads - 2.60Ghz. Time - 10min. Noise - 3%

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