Grooming/Lookdev (realtime) - Unreal engine hair for Engine House VFX "Wylder" (2021)

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Wylder is a short film produced by Engine House, an animation studio based in Cornwall and Derry, based on the children’s book of the same name by Maia Walczak. The film explores the relationship between a boy, his dad and the great outdoors.

Read more about this project in Epic Games blog (ENG) -
Or UE4Daily (RU) -

I was a Senior Groom Artist in this project. The goal was to make stylized cartoon hair.

Deadline for Dad - 3 days
Deadline for Boy - 1 day.

For grooming, I used 3dsMax/Maya Ornatrix and for lookdev - Unreal Engine.

Maia Walczak IG - @maia.walczak
My IG - @akcharly_groom
Engine House VFX IG - @enginehousevfx

August 13, 2021