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Joseph hairstyle with changes for beard and silhouette.

Hello everyone. So I fixed the beard, make some changes and decided to make a silhouette. Because I'm hair-groomer and should focus your attention on the hair =)

Guides for hair was created in Ornatrix for Maya, because it is more comfortable for me - because Maya have an awesome Viewport 2.o for hair and Ornatrix for Maya have an awesome sculpt mode for guides. Without Maya - usually I create many pre-renders for each changes, but now I create only one preview render to check how the hair looks with Corona Material and then make final render. Maya Viewport saves a lot of time.
When I created the guides in Maya - I exported them to the 3dsmax, repeated the modifiers stack and rendered the all picture in the Corona Renderer.

Render was made on the 2 *Xeon e5 - 2670 2.6Ghz - 64GB Ram. on the this farm -

Happy viewing!

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